Shipwire Integrated

Shipwire Integrated

Shipwire Integrated

Shopify is now integrated with Shipwire, an order fulfillment service. From the Shipwire home page:

We’ll help you get merchandise into our massive Los Angeles and Chicago warehouses. Then as each order comes into your online store or call center, we’ll pack and ship it for you.

Running an online store is a dream, right? You receive an order in Shopify, package up your product into a box or mailer, use some tools provided by the shipping company to create a shipping label and stick it on the box, and then wait around for the mail guy to come and pick up your packages, etc, etc. What happens when you start getting 30-40 or more orders per day? You either have to do all of this busy work yourself or you hire people to do it for you. Not only this, but you need to actually store your products somewhere and provide a place for your employees to work and package your products.

What if there was another way? What if you didn’t even need an office or employees to do all of this work for you? If you fulfill your orders with Shipwire you don’t need an office or employees to spend 8 hours per day packing items. Shipwire will do the most labour intensive part of your job, as well as store your inventory for you. All this, and at very reasonable rates.

With Shopify’s new Shipwire support you get integration with Shipwire’s order fulfillment, and real-time inventory services. Now all you have to do to ship your order is click a single button in the Shopify admin interface. Now that sounds like a dream to me.



  • Shaun Morrison
    Shaun Morrison
    January 18 2007, 08:00AM

    Sounds great! Any distant future plans to roll something like this out in the UK?

  • tobi
    January 18 2007, 08:00AM

    Absolutely… IF we could find a UK service like this

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