HubSpot Saves Your Abandoned Carts

HubSpot Saves Your Abandoned Carts

We're always on the lookout for tools that increase sales and reduce time spent on the boring stuff, like chasing after abandoned carts and analyzing your shop for search engine optimization (SEO).

When we came across Hubspot, a tool that does both of those things, we knew we had a winner.

HubSpot Saves Your Abandoned Carts

Hubspot is a suite of inbound marketing tools that do amazing things for your conversion funnel, each step of the way:

  • Social media monitoring for customer service, reports on where your traffic is coming from and SEO analysis bring more visitors to your site
  • Abandoned cart and email marketing tools help you close those purchases, encourage repeat purchases and referrals
  • Visitor and buyer activity tracking alerts let you watch your visitors’ habits so you can determine what works for your shop and what doesn’t

Did we mention abandoned cart tracking? We can’t get over how key this is to increasing sales. In fact, we’ve worked with the Hubspot team to help develop an app for your Shopify store that integrates with Hubspot in such a way that you can track exactly what your customers do from the instance that they log into your store, to the minute that they leave.

It’s like being able to shadow a customer in a brick-and-mortar store as they walk through the aisles. You can see where they go, what they look at, and exactly when and why they turn around to leave. With this knowledge, you can then adjust your content, your promotions or even change page navigation to encourage them through to final sale.

To get started:

  1. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Hubspot
  2. Install the Hubspot app in the Shopify App Store to integrate your new Hubspot account with your Shopify store



  • @Shopify Aurelien
    November 11 2010, 05:20PM

    There could be many reasons. Have you signed up for the 30 day free trial for Hubspot? It should be able to give you that insight.

  • Chris
    November 11 2010, 05:20PM

    Sounds interesting. How do you know why someone leaves though?

  • Michael Redbord
    Michael Redbord
    November 11 2010, 05:20PM

    @Chris, with the plugin, you could email, call, or snail mail them and ask them why.

    Or just gently remind them to purchase, which is the goal anyway :)

  • lucas
    June 27 2012, 03:08PM

    i love the concept but i was always wondering, can the abandoned carts be easily retrieved on shopify? or would the customer get an email with the things he didnt purchase and would have to re enter them at the shopify store?

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