A Guide to Generating Buzz for Your E-Commerce Site

A Guide to Generating Buzz for Your E-Commerce Site

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This is the third podcast in a series of three.

In this weeks podcast, the experts from The Joy of Marketing show you how to generate some buzz around your online store.

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Tips & Tricks

After watching the third podcast, follow these handy tips and tricks:

  1. Think SEO. Go to Alexa and set up a free toolbar to manage your SEO program. SEOmoz offers some deeper SEO specific content and tools that will allow you to dig deeper into you and your competitors sites.

Reach out to 5 bloggers or podcasters who resonate with you. A lot of PR people are on Twitter (and all social media outlets), so start engaging with key industry people in social media so they become aware of your brand. If you are having trouble finding and connecting with key industry figures try experimenting with a paid LinkedIn account.

**Also, check out our ultimate guide on how to PR like a pro


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