Basic Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Basic Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Basic Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Don't think email marketing works? Tell that to Groupon! They've made a pretty penny through marketing campaigns heavily based on sending out emails. A well designed email marketing campaign for your ecommerce storefront can increase sales. Period.  

Email marketing is a proven way engage your customers, increase sales, and promote your online store. BUT, an awesome campaign can only be successful if you implement the right strategies to build a strong client base. If planned and executed properly, email marketing is the cheapest method to retain existing customers and enroll new customers for repeat purchases. In this post I'm going to share 4 easy tips on how to execute an effective email marketing campaign for your ecommerce store. 

I don't have to tell you that oftentimes people visit an online store, but don't end up buying anything. It's a sad but true reality. Research shows that visitors can be converted into customers by building a long-lasting relationship with them through frequent contacts and constant follow-ups. Email marketing is an effective way of achieving this. This approach is called permission based marketing, and has an estimated response rate between 5% and 20%. Not bad at all. 

Here are 4 strategies to help you run a successful email marketing campaign:

1. Develop Strong Relationships

You should highlight how your email marketing has helped your existing clients by offering them the right products or services. This helps build enduring relationships and creates credibility among potential clients.

2. Accept Only Voluntary Subscriptions 

Always provide potential clients with a choice for subscribing to your emails and newsletters. Their decision for subscription should be a conscious one and stealthy methods of signing up clients should be avoided at all costs. All subscriptions should be based on confirmations from shoppers. You can automate the confirmation process through an auto responder by sending a standard acknowledgement message of the subscription to let the customer know that the subscription had been recorded.

3. Provide An Unsubscribe Option

Even if a client has voluntarily opted-in for your email marketing, the customer can decide not to receive any more email messages or newsletters from you after a certain period. You should respect such decisions and have the opt-out option at the bottom of every message and newsletter you send out. The ‘unsubscribe’ message should have a clear link and proper instructions for opting out of your email marketing campaign. When people see your ‘unsubscribe’ message, they are assured that they have the freedom to stop your messages anytime. This increases their confidence in dealing with you. 

4. Address Prospects by Name and Make the Email Personal 

One of the most effective ways to enhance the response rate to email marketing is to personalize your emails. This can be achieved if you address your prospects by their first name. If you don't have enough information on a client, avoid personal salutations and keep them general.


    • Brian Getting
      Brian Getting
      November 15 2011, 12:36PM

      Great post. Install Chimpified to your Shopify store for easy integration with Mailchimp.

    • Al Herrington
      Al Herrington
      November 15 2011, 12:44PM

      MailChimp is perfect for email marketing…

    • Nicole Whynning
      Nicole Whynning
      November 15 2011, 07:52PM

      I just received my new human lace wig and i LOVE it!!! Thank u Hot CoCoa’s!!

    • Organic SEO Services
      Organic SEO Services
      November 18 2011, 01:00AM

      Thanks! I love the method of writing tips on this website.

    • @Shopify Mark Hayes
      Mark Hayes
      November 24 2011, 01:55PM

      @Brian, @Al: Agreed, MailChimp is awesome!

      @Nicole: Nice!

      @SEO: Thanks so much! I’m trying to post a lot more ‘helpful marketing tips’ posts.. they seem to be really popular. If you have any topic ideas, or stuff you want covered just let me know!

    • Dave
      October 04 2012, 08:14PM

      Not amused that I’m getting Shopify marketing emails with no unsubscribe option…

    • suhana
      April 09 2013, 09:25AM

      Today i came across this amazing new website named…i really think you guys should check it out..

    • Spark Email Design
      Spark Email Design
      May 29 2014, 05:56AM

      Making email personal is best way for to get trust and feeling of personal. Amazing blog piece appreciate your effort.

    • paul dean
      paul dean
      October 29 2015, 07:51PM

      What is the link / variable / url for unsubscribe on shopify?

      Plus also want a view online button – what is link here?

    • Josie
      April 10 2016, 07:00PM

      How do I provide an unsubscribe link that works, where do I link to?

    • Melanie Coles
      Melanie Coles
      December 23 2016, 01:17AM


      I would like to know how to add an unsubscribe link to my emails.

      Thanks, Mel.

    • Barry
      January 25 2017, 04:59PM

      How do I add an unsubscribe link?

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