10 New Shopify Apps to Help You Sell More

10 New Shopify Apps to Help You Sell More


We have 10 new apps that cover a huge range of functionality to announce. Many of these apps are free (or at least include a free trial), so don't hesitate to give them a try.

If you don't know already, the Shopify App Store is a collection of plugins (apps) that extend the functionality of your ecommerce store. We've got more than 200 apps for online store owners to choose from and we're adding new ones every week.

Here are 10 brand new apps to check out, along with a special featured app at the bottom: 

10 New Shopify Apps to Help You Sell More



Updater is a free app that allows you to quickly and easily edit products in bulk on your Shopify store. Save time by editing all variants and products at the same time.

Klaviyo Email Template Creator let's you generate custom email templates for your shop. Never send a boring automated email again.

Klaviyo Email Template Creator

Transparent Kitty

7 Day Free Trial, $49.99/month

Do you have multiple vendors selling products through your Shopify store? With Transparent Kitty, you can give each vendor an account to view how their products are selling through your store.

Transparent Kitty


Free - $79.95/month

Looking for a super-powerful digital delivery app for your digital goods? Downtown handles everything from serial number provisioning to PDF and ePub stamping.


Justuno Social Bribery

Free - $99/month

Are you getting enough return on your store's social power? Justuno allows you to bribe your customers with incentives for sharing your products on their favorite social networks. 

Justuno Social Bribery



Xporter lets you create custom reports for your Shopify store. Instantly generate spreadsheets of your shop's data and have them stored on a server or emailed to you at an interval of your choice. 


Product Options

14 Day Free Trial, $8.99/month

This app lets you offer tons of options for each on of your products, including image uploads for printed products and more.

Product Options

Local Delivery

14 Day Free Trial, $9.99/month

Do you offer local delivery to customers in your hometown? Easily offer and coordinate local delivery with your customers.

Local Delivery

Simple Sale

7 Day Free Trial,  $10.00/month

Simple Sale allows you to put your whole store or individual collections on sale for a limited time, then automatically change the prices back after the sale is over.

Personal Bar is a free app that puts a customizable bar at the bottom of your store through which you can add social sharing options, discounts, and more.




Free - $100/month

Get your Shopify data almost anywhere with Zapier's hundreds of supported services. Easily sync up with Xero, Mailchimp, Wordpress, Campfire, and tons more.



  • Ben Crudo
    Ben Crudo
    February 27 2013, 03:49PM

    just in case anyone is wondering, Updater and Xporter are both FREE right now as they are in BETA. The charges that you see are only TEST charges and will NOT appear on your Shopify bill.

  • Luc Latulippe
    Luc Latulippe
    February 28 2013, 11:59AM

    The very first one listed, “Updater,” did not work for me. I have almost 100 products, and not a single one ended up being listed in its dashboard. And while it’s “free” to install, as soon as you do, it asks you for a $10 “subscription” so that’s either a very strange error or very deceitful marketing. What am I missing here?

  • Kortingscode zalando
    Kortingscode zalando
    March 01 2013, 02:50AM

    Updater is the Best application among all these mentioned. Thanks a lot for the complete list, There were many other outstanding apps too that I did not knew.

  • Tyr
    March 01 2013, 05:21PM


    I’ve had my shop ( www.thisisjusttosay.co ) for five months and my favorite apps are Chimpified, SuperSEO and SumAll.

    What’s best about them is that all the apps I’ve tried so far come with amazing customer service and that’s really helpful for shop owners. Keep up the good work!

  • Henning
    March 03 2013, 02:49AM

    Maybe not the right group – but i try anyway. Looking for recommendations for a more “selling” check out proceedure. Any plug-ins available to make the check out easier and more user friendly for the customers ?

  • Nino
    March 04 2013, 08:18AM

    When will you guys integrate with Bitrix24? I love Bitrix24 and Shopify, but it’s a shame you can’t automatically import data.

  • n
    March 26 2013, 05:40AM


  • suhana
    April 09 2013, 07:12AM

    Today i came across this amazing new website named nupinch.com…i really think you guys should check it out..
    Link: http://bit.ly/XczfI3

  • Karthik@ GrowCart
    Karthik@ GrowCart
    May 04 2013, 05:08PM

    Hi, We have had GrowCart on the app store for a while with hundreds of merchants happily using it, nice to see great new apps helping merchants.

    For interested merchants, we have updated GrowCart with an exciting new feature to Up Sell custom products to your customers, for Shoes sell socks with 10% off. This generates even more sales for your store by increasing average cart size.

    One click up and running install, leave on autopilot or customize. We invite you to try the new version!


  • Ro
    May 08 2013, 01:08PM

    Just checked out Klaviyo Email Template Creator and it’s not free as advertised. Has a 14 day free trial period after that it paid service start w/$99.00 a month. Not a nice way to advertise.

  • Sarah Reilly
    Sarah Reilly
    May 14 2013, 10:00AM

    Loving these apps, especially the ‘updater’ and ‘simple sale’. Both very effective with regards to saving time.

  • Larrie Mccleary
    Larrie Mccleary
    June 01 2013, 05:19PM

    I am trying to find an ap or the best way to capture the info on an order to a purchase order to our vendor. Any ideas?

  • Lee Tolson
    Lee Tolson
    July 15 2013, 04:33PM

    Larrie Mccleary, I hear your pain.

    I think all of us shopify customers should band together and SHAME shopify into providing support for purchase orders. It is such a terrible deficiency, that for all that I like about shopify, I am ready to look elsewhere for a shopping cart.

    How can you design business ecommerce without considering Purchase Orders? Did no one consult with a real online business person when they were doing the architecture for this program?? I mean, give me a break.

    I finally had to beg them to change one of my address lines into a Purchase Order number (if necessary) field, since they were unable to even provide an extra address line.

    They don’t even provide our customers with a way to put special instructions on their orders. Come on Shopify, ASK YOUR CUSTOMERS what they need (and it ain’t just the prettifying of the functions you already have.

  • Jeffrey McNeal
    Jeffrey McNeal
    November 14 2013, 02:21PM

    Can sales from other sources be uploaded in bulk into shopify through a CSV file?

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