TGIM: Unconventional Wisdom, Seth Godin, Embracing Failure and the Importance of Questions

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Welcome to the third episode of TGIM.

Today's episode is all about unconventional wisdom and how it can help you become a more successful entrepreneur. We start with marketing legend Seth Godin, who makes the case for why bigger isn’t necessarily better, we learn why you should make friends with failure, and we travel to Texas to meet a baker who learned the recipe for success... from a tech wizard.

Dive into the full episode now or check out a TGIM Short featuring Seth Godin below.

Seth Godin on Why Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Seth Godin has founded several companies, written 18 bestselling books, and his blog is one of the most popular in the world. Most of all, he's is a thinker. And it turns out, he thinks a *lot* about scale.

Here’s what else you’ll find inside episode three:

  • Ask and You Will Succeed: For one woman, the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur was simple. 
  • Embracing Failure: Most of us avoid failure like the plague, but maybe we shouldn't.
  • What Tech can Teach Food: What can non-tech companies learn from the innovative tech industry?
  • Seth Godin on Deciding Whether you Have a Business or a Hobby: Find out why Seth says it's important to know.
  • Seth Godin on the New Tools That Allow Everyone to be a Micro-Impresario: According to Seth Godin, it’s not just OK being small. There are serious advantages to staying small.
  • Seth Godin’s Rules for Taking on Outside Investors: Sometimes, to grow your business, you need money. Other people’s money.

If that sounds interesting, head over and listen to episode three now.

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Photo: Cuidad de Ideas.