4 Awesome Blogs to Get Inspired and Motivated as an Entrepreneur

4 Awesome Blogs to Get Inspired and Motivated as an Entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur or even someone interested in entrepreneurship, there are days when you feel torn up, beaten down with all the rejection and hard work you are putting into building something. It’s hard to dig deep inside to find that inspiration sometimes so I thought I would mention a few websites that I look to when I’m in a rut with my business, or I need some extra motivation to get me to think bigger and bolder.

We all need a little pick me up sometimes and I hope one of these websites will inspire you to keep going or to get going.

1. PRSuit

There are so many amazing and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs on this site that I literally got a little side-tracked bouncing from one story to the next.

They have such a wide selection of stories and perspectives, that as an entrepreneur or someone seeking inspiration you are bound to relate to a couple stories. They also have a podcast worth listening to called “The Hustle Sold Separately” where they have interviewed best-selling authors, to founders of multi-million dollar companies.

2. Influencive

This website is a source of tonnes of great content from Inc. 500 entrepreneur Brian D. Evans. He delivers great tips on anything from how to “Land high paying consulting clients” to “How to land in the Top 3%”. I find his articles are easy to read and get to the point, and he really simplifies things.

After reading a few articles on this site I started to realize that my goals and dreams are definitely attainable. Great tips for other entrepreneurs and freelancers are on Influencive so make sure you check it out.

3. Four Hour Work Week

You may have heard about the best-selling book called the “4 Hour Work Week” by lifestyle entrepreneur Tim Ferriss. This website is his blog based on the same methodology.

He really packs a lot of punch into his posts, and you can learn anything from healthy living tips, to how to be more efficient at your job, and where you should travel next. Tim travels around the world speaking, writing, and living his life the way that he wants to live it. It’s very unconventional but his following is massive with an email list probably close to the millions these days.

His method to living a healthy and happy life is gaining steam with the new generation of remote jobs, and nomadic lifestyles where people can work from anywhere with a computer.

4. Foundr

Foundr is headquartered down under in Australia and I have been a huge fan of the magazine and website for a long time now. They have a huge following on social media with over 750K+ followers on Instagram at the time of this article.

Similar to Tim Ferris and PRSuit, Foundr has a podcast, a blog, and then what makes them unique is they have a magazine as well. The magazine is strictly online but they have some great issues with Richard Branson, Daymond John, Guy Kawasaki, and Gary Vaynerchuk just to name a few. There is tonnes of content on their website that you can dive into so I highly suggest you check it out.

Now that you have some suggestions of blogs and websites to source for new ideas and inspirations, you can’t miss out on the most important part. TAKING ACTION! Reading and absorbing is great but take some of the suggestions and tips and use them in your business, or use them to start your business.

Being an entrepreneur is about acting on your ideas rather than letting them sit in your head. Use these tried and tested methods from super successful entrepreneurs to get you to the next level.

Feel free to post links to some of your favorite inspirational and motivating websites and blogs in the comments below!

About the Author

Clinton is Founder of SocialBare which is a digital marketing and design agency that both teaches and delivers marketing strategies for businesses around the world. He also recently founded Connected Getaways which leads luxury wellness retreats around the world for like-minded people. He's a published writer for YEG Fitness Magazine, Director of Partnerships for the Next Gen Summit, is a G20 YEA Delegate for Canada, and also an Advisor to HatchPad.

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