10 Ways to Land the Job of Your Dreams

10 Ways to Land the Job of Your Dreams


You’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t want to have your dream job. After all, we’re going to spend 90,000 hours at work. So, wouldn’t you want to spend that time doing something that you love?

That’s always easier said than done, but you can make the working process easier by following these ten tips to land the job of your dreams.

1. Conduct a Self-Exploration

“The first step, which far too many people overlook, is to conduct a self-exploration and identify possible careers that truly inspire,” writes Kent Lewis. “Brainstorm, organize and filter dream jobs based on level of inspiration, barriers to entry (i.e. level of education or certification fees) and earning potential.”

Lewis adds, “After a fairly comprehensive review session, you should be able to hone in on a few front-runners.”

2. Apply for Jobs That Aren’t Listed

David Williams asks in Forbes, “How many times have we interviewed for a job we knew was not right for us and yet we were still devastated when we weren’t called back for the next round?” Instead of applying for jobs that you’re probably not interested in anyway, “Become friends with people who work in companies you’re interested in.”

Learn everything you can about them and how you can support them. Williams is confident that they will “call you up and ask you to join them when a new position opens up or refer you to an open position at another great company.”

Remember, nothing beats networking. So make sure that you brush-up on your networking skills and build strong networking communities.

3. Pretend You Already Have the Job

"See yourself as already ​in the dream job,"Katharine Brooks, executive director of personal and career development at Wake Forest University, tells TODAY.com. “Weave in background and training of your past experience but use the vocabulary associated with the new role where you see yourself belonging."

You can do this while writing your cover letter to prove that you’re “the one.”

4. Be Flexible

Here’s something that you may not have considered, your dream job may not even exist yet. It may not even exist for another couple of years. That’s why Erika Fry recommends in Fortune that “You’ve got to be open to whatever industry change comes your way.” Fry adds, “And recruiters will reward you for it: ‘Comfort with ambiguity’ is among the most sought-after qualities in job candidates today.”

5. Sell Yourself

Why wait for a job opening of a referral when you could have employers come to you? Promoting yourself online is fairly easy, and inexpensive today. For example, you could start your own blog and have an amazing LinkedIn profile.

You could also step-up your game so that you’ll really get noticed.

Kim Ashdown, founder of InternUtopia.com, wanted to secure an internship with Katalyst, Ashton Kutcher's media company. According to Investopedia, Ashdown launched iwannaworkatkatalyst.com, “created videos explaining why she wants to work there and even sent cupcakes to the office.” She also purchased ad space on Google and Facebook.

6. Create an Online Mind Map of Ideas

“Employers are impressed by candidates who not only know their company inside and out, but also have ideas to bring to the table,” says Ron Stewart in a guest post for Ladders. “Don’t be afraid to make suggestions and show how passionate you are about moving forward with the company.”

Stewart suggests that you, “Jot down all of your best ideas, strategies and thoughts. Consolidate these on to an online mind map or infographic, so that they are easy to read and eye catching” by using tools like Popplet or Coggle.

7. Volunteer

It’s no secret that employers value candidates who volunteer, but Ella Fertitta adds on the Hands On Network that “volunteering will allow you to access meaningful work without the pressure of being evaluated on your performance.” Volunteering also gives you the chance to develop new skills, build meaningful relationships, strengthen your leadership skills, and broaden your horizons.

8. Update Your Skill Set

Author Stan Popovich writes in Entrepreneur that you should “Get into the habit of updating your skills, even during a long job search.” For example, if you learn the latest programming software, you’ll be current and more valuable in the market. “Continuous education could be the key to getting that job that you want. There's always something to learn.”

9. Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

You never know when you’ll run into a employer or be called-in for an interview. That means that you should have already created your elevator pitch and know it front-to-back. Ramit Sethi writes that the benefits of this is that it will make you more memorable and referable.

Robert Pagliarini, former CEO of SeekingCapital.com, recommends on Business Know How that elevator pitches should contain a hook, passion, and a request.

10. Create the Job Yourself

"Sometimes, the best way to land the job of your dreams is to try to create it right where you are” Michele Mavi, director of internal recruiting and content development at Atrium Staffing, tells Business News Daily. “Take on passion projects at your current place of employment; find ways to learn new skills to incorporate into your work.”

By doing so, others will begin to take notice, which is when you start sharing your vision. “Once you get the ear of top-level management, start to share your vision of how you see your career developing within the organization. They just might listen and give you the chance to go after your dream."

And, if that doesn’t happen, you can always start your own business where you have control on whether or not you’ll land your dream job.



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