How to Supercharge Gmail With Hiver

How to Supercharge Gmail With Hiver


Gmail is my personal favourite email client, and for good reason. But there’s always room for improvement.

Hiver is a free app that turns Gmail into a feature-rich powerhouse.

Built for improved collaboration, sales, and customer support, you can use Hiver to manage your emails in ways that you thought couldn’t be done.

That includes:

  • Scheduling emails
  • Setting reminders
  • Seeing when your team members are responding to an email
  • Creating email templates
  • Sharing labels

Hiver already serves big brands like Pinterest and Uber, and has been mentioned in a number of high profile publications as a revolutionary Gmail extender. Here’s how it can help you and your business.

Snooze & Schedule Emails

Sometimes, you just aren’t ready to respond to an email. And thanks to a busy schedule, leaving it until later may mean leaving it until never.

With Hiver, you can snooze emails until a later time or date, so you’ll receive it all over again at a time when you’re prepared to act upon it.

Plus, instead of clicking ‘Send’ after you type up an email, you can schedule your emails to be sent at a later date. Perfect if you don’t wish for it to be sent right away.

Share Labels and Mailboxes

Hiver is an excellent tool for collaboration, and it proves that by allowing you to share email labels, and thus sections of your mailbox.

You can share emails by just adding a label to them, making emails act as assigned tasks between team members. This works across all major email clients, including Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, iOS, and Android.

As you share labels, certain areas of your mailbox are then shared with your colleagues, allowing them to notify you when tasks are completed.

Email Templates, Reminders, and Notes

When it comes to marketing, sometimes you have to re-purpose emails. Hive lets you write an email once, and then save it as a template You can also share those templates with your colleagues to save them time, too.

If you need to be reminded about anything, you can also use Hiver to send you a reminder at a certain time.

Furthermore, Hive gives you a small section within each email thread to make notes, which can also be shared among your team members.

Collision Detection & Useful Design

Have you ever responded to an email, only to realize that your colleague has just done the same? In the best case scenario, it looks unprofessional. In the worst case scenario, it could cost you business.

Hiver allows you to see if your team members are typing responses to emails you’re already responding to, so you can avoid embarrassing (and potentially costly) double-response situations.

Personally though, I think Hiver’s best feature lies in its design.

Unlike other Gmail extensions – which sometimes add nothing more than clutter to Gmail’s interface – Hiver doesn’t get in the way of your day-to-day tasks. It injects small buttons and sections where necessary, working around Gmail’s existing design to add value, rather than complicate the interface.

Hiver has premium plans, but it’s free for up to three users, making it ideal for startups and small businesses.

Plus, since it’s nothing more than a Google Chrome extension, Hiver is quick and easy to get rid of if you don’t think it’s bringing value to your business.

Have you tried any Gmail boosting tools? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

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