6 Tips To Building An Awesome Home Office

6 Tips To Building An Awesome Home Office

Whether you run a business from home or are working to improve personal interests, a home office can do wonders for productivity. The hours you spend in your new office deserve more than a desk shoved in an empty room and a rolling chair for good measure. If you want your working space to help you churn out the ultimate results, an awesome home office will make all of the difference.

With attention to detail and some care, your home office can give you all that you need to dodge distractions and burn the midnight oil. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your space, manage clutter and spur your best work.

Get a Good Location

If your house doesn’t already have a dedicated room, finding a spot to conduct your personal work can seem like a non-option. Don’t sell the nooks and crannies of your home so short, or underestimate the power of a wardrobe. Even the smallest of places can yield Narnia.

Get yourself off on the right foot by considering traffic flow. If setting up shop in a living room where distractions that can be turned on at the switch of a remote won’t help you, consider your other options. Think about the quiet areas of your home that might have fewer distractions. For the smallest spaces, walls will be your best friend. Make the best of narrow spaces by building shelves on top of one another or hanging storage from ceilings. Utilize space under your desk by adding a filing cabinet or storage bin. It doesn’t have to be a disaster zone either, some planning can help you to create a relaxing and creative space.

Pinterest Responsibly

Pinterest can be any designers safe haven, but don’t let every great Pin fool you. Not all Pinterest designs will accommodate the full-time remote worker. Industrial bar stools can be very chic, but they can do quite a number on anyone’s back. What’s more, bold striped walls or paper crane decals can end up being a huge distraction. Keep in mind that an Instagram-worthy office space could cost you more than they’re worth. Do your best to lower costs of these aspects of your budget to help improve the most pressing requirements in the future.

Get A Good Office Chair

You’re probably going to spend quite a few hours in that chair so don't stiff yourself on it. If you’ve mustered up a budget, put a comfortable and sturdy office chair at the top of your list. There’s nothing like a back pain spell to ruin a day’s work.  Try out your options on a show floor if you have time. If not, be sure to do thorough research and pay attention to reviews.

Get Organized

A well-organized office will be key to keeping you from getting distracted. So, your best bet in creating a productive space is figuring out if you’re a stacker or a filer. Be honest with yourself too. If shoveling piles onto other piles is your MO, buy a basket that can keep the situation tame. If things like post it notes and loose paper tend to distract you, get a filing cabinet.

Consider A Reboot

Nothing can veer you off track like a good old technological malfunction. So, before you head off into your Pinterest craze, consider making investments in any outdated technology. If you find yourself having in a constant battle with something like wifi, think about how much time you’ve put into attempting to fix it. System crashes will undoubtedly cause you more trouble than they’re worth. Write up a list of items that would help you to get things done more efficiently. If you can’t already afford some updates, work out a budget that will allow you to make the crossover as soon as possible.

Give Yourself A Room With A View

If you’re working from home it’s likely that you’re not really interested in recreating the corporate cubicle. Avoid shoving your desk in a corner, instead put it in some good lighting. Placing your desk in front of a window can help you to soak in the helpful rays of natural light while also giving you a productive distraction. Note: productive distractions are ones that allow you to contemplate on your work without pulling you away from it. If you were the type to get yelled at for staring out of the window in school, this one's not for you. Instead, consider placing your desk perpendicular to a window. Be sure to avoid glares from your window.


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