7 Problems that Occur with Poor Management Skills

7 Problems that Occur with Poor Management Skills

A business that has poor management personnel in place has multiple problems. The issues begin internally and begin to show themselves externally. Eventually, this affects the overall aesthetic of a business as poor reviews come in and employees begin to quit unannounced. It is important to employ the right management personalities and skills for what your particular business needs.

Making Employees Fear Management

When your staff fears management that just seems to be on a power trip, they don’t want to remain employed with your company. If management instills fear into your employees, it creates tension and unneeded stress that can negatively affect an employee’s performance.

An employee with a question or concern may feel that their managers are unapproachable. This is dangerous for a company because without knowing about an issue, a company cannot react and make changes. Without knowing that an employee had an unanswered question and was let go for poor job performance leaves guilt within those that fired them.

High Employee Turnover Rates

Employees that do not get along with management or believe that management is not doing its job do not want to stay with an employer. A manager that does not perform his or her job duties properly leaves the rest of the workforce not caring about the future of the company. It makes them not want to come to work each day and seek out other employment opportunities.

If your business has an unusually high turnover rate, look at your management staff first and conduct an employee poll. This may save your company from adopting a poor local reputation, which can result in long-term staffing issues later.

Damaged Company Reputation

Any time that your management staff speaks poorly of competitors, it reflects negatively on the business. There are other factors that come into play too, such as having poor grammar and lack of communication skills. Whether on the clock or personal time, everything that your management staff does and says is heard and reflected upon because they are representing your brand at all times.

Poor Marketing Campaign Performance

Marketing managers that lack creativity turn out campaigns that underperform. For instance, if you are a mobile accessories company and are not providing displays showing how the product works better than another or why it’s a convenience to consumers, it will fail. You want to market items like charging devices and tech accessories to the large market that it is becoming in a way that makes them want the device. An ideal solution would be to show a time-lapse of your brand’s charging device in comparison to a competitor that underperforms your brand’s device.

Poor Employee Mental/Physical Health

Studies have been conducted regarding employee satisfaction in the workplace. Management is a stressful place to be, and that leaves those with more in-demand roles in the workplace at a 35-percent higher risk for chronic illnesses. Some of this is the result of taking on new habits such as smoking, drinking or using illicit drugs, to cope with work stress. When members of management feel stress, it trickles down to the rest of the staff. Stress leads to depression, weight gain and poor lifestyle choices hampering on the overall mental/physical health of your workforce.

Lack of Training

Coaching and training are two things that managers have to be good at. If their department is to succeed, it starts with properly training the team. When feedback is not received, especially by new hires, it leaves employees lacking confidence in themselves and motivation. Lack of trust in management is a major issue that leads to workplace dissension among departments and high turnover rates as employees are dissatisfied with the performance of management staff.

Lead by Example

When employees read a company handbook and it says, “Use of personal devices during work hours is prohibited” and they see management on cell phones and tablets all day long, it defeats the purpose. The more management strays from working, takes shortcuts and ignores important tasks, the more the rest of the staff is going to do the same. Leading by example with strong management that follows company guidelines is what makes a strong company and dedicated team of employees.

Final Thoughts

Rather than bringing in outside management to fix internal issues, promote from within. Employees already working with the company are likely to have innovative ideas in mind to change things around at the office to increase productivity, create a happy workforce and increase sales due to elevated morale. Internal promotions often create stronger workforces and healthier companies.

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