Become a Guest Contributor: Write for Shopify

Become a Guest Contributor: Write for Shopify


Shopify has redefined commerce, setting the standard for how companies of all sizes sell their products and services online and off. With 275,000+ customers and the most innovative platform on the market, we continue to grow rapidly and are constantly looking for new ways to impact and disrupt markets.

To accelerate our growth, we’re looking for internet and social-media savvy writers to create content that readers will want to share about entrepreneurship, personal development, careers, tech, and lifestyle.

Why write for Shopify?

  • Gain a link back to your website in your author biography
  • Promotion to our millions of social media followers
  • Become a part of an ever-growing community for success and inspiration

What we're looking for

  • Personal development advice (productivity, happiness, well-being)
  • Success advice (mindsets, rituals, habits)
  • Inspiration (books, quotes, stories)
  • Finance (tips, tricks, and tools)
  • Motivation (quotes, stories, and tips)

All articles are usually more than 600 words each. To get an idea as to the type of content we're looking for, have a look at some of our existing content.

Please note: not all submissions will be accepted and all content must be uniquely written for Shopify and cannot be distributed elsewhere. This content will not live on the main Shopify blog and will be published on our new professional development blog.

Please fill out the form below to submit your work.


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