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What Millennial Employees Want and Why You Should Care

What Millennial Employees Want and Why You Should Care


“Millennial” has become the buzzword of the century, and one of the most controversial generations to date, especially in the workforce. We’ve seen article after article that passes judgement upon this generation and their unique viewpoints of the working world, but why should we be really paying attention?

As of 2015, millennials became the biggest generation in the North American workforce, and yet hiring managers and employers are struggling to adapt.

They want more than just money

In one study, 53% of hiring managers said it was difficult to find and retain millennial talent. The reason for this is simple; millennials are looking for more from their careers then the generations that came before them.

This generation has a different perspective on what’s important to them in their career, and they aren’t motivated by just money alone. Instead, they are looking for meaningful work that matches their values, something that many businesses have lost sight of. Today, the primary measurement of success for businesses is still profit, but 87% of millennials feel that the success of a business should be measured in terms of more than just its financial performance. Millennials want to know what they are doing is helping improve society, and that their employer isn’t just talking about making an impact, but is making an effort to make both social and environmental changes.

They want opportunities to grow and develop

This generation has shifted from their parent’s way of thinking, where you get a job and stay at it for the bulk of your life. In North America, over 60% of millennial employees expected to leave their current job in the next five years, showing a lack of loyalty to their current workplaces. But what’s causing them to want to flee from their roles? A lack of feeling that their workplace is making full use of their skillset, and that their leadership skills were not developing in their roles.

Workplaces aren’t providing young employees with the skills they need to set them up for success, or create the next generation of senior leaders, which is driving more and more employees to look elsewhere.

They want flexibility

The generations that came before millennials is quick to look at their workplace wants and needs and framing us as being less committed to our work and career progression. But the truth is, millennials are looking for flexibility, and that doesn’t mean they are any less aggressive about their career, they just don’t necessarily feel the 9-5 lifestyle works for them. When looking for the right opportunity, millennials highly value flexibility, and will leave their current role if the opportunity presented itself that provided them with more flexibility.

What does this mean for employers? Employers are finding it hard to find and retain employees, but it’s due to their unwillingness to adapt to what the biggest generation in the workforce is looking for. But the employers that are succeeding have a workplace retention plan in place that involves offering flexibility, among other things like mentoring opportunities and opportunities for growth within the organization.

It is said that it costs $15,000-$25,000 USD to replace each millennial employee, so you can choose to either refuse to adapt and risk plummeting, or accept and embrace the change.

About the Author

Lauren Marinigh is a Toronto-based online marketing and content development professional, who is completely addicted to traveling, puppies, and GIFs.

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Why Getting Sufficient Sleep as an Entrepreneur Is More Important Than You Think

Why Getting Sufficient Sleep as an Entrepreneur Is More Important Than You Think

We’ve all been there, tossing and turning in our beds, counting sheep, trying just about anything to try and put our brains to rest so we can dose off into a much needed slumber. Eventually you just give up and end up binge watching Netflix and getting in the habit of not letting our bodies rest the way they need to be.

Sleep deprivation is a common problem among people; in fact, 40 million people in the United States alone suffer from chronic sleep disorders and an additional 20 million experience occasional sleep problems. These issues can be caused from a variety of things, whether it’s the stress of everyday life, your job, or maybe you’re just trading sleep for more work or play. Whatever it is, it’s not something that should be ignored.

A lack of sleep can cause to a variety of short term consequences including, decreased performance and alertness, and memory and cognitive impairment. These things can lead to stress within your relationships, an overall poor quality of life, and even put you at risk of injury from being too sleepy. And that’s just in the short term, in the long term, sleep disorders can contribute to numerous serious medical conditions like heart problems, obesity, mental impairment, depression, and more.

So what is it about sleep that makes it so critical to our health and wellbeing?

Healthy brain function

Sleep helps your brain work properly because as you sleep, your brain is preparing for the next day by resting. When your brain gets rest, it forms new pathways to help you learn and remember information. A good night’s sleep helps improve learning, helps you pay attention, make decisions and be more creative.

Physical health

Sleep helps heal and repair your heart and blood vessels, it helps you maintain a healthy balance of hormones that make you feel hungry or full, it affects how your body reacts to insulin, and aids in the healthy growth and development of your body. All these things contribute to your overall health and well-being and are important for you to stay healthy.

Daytime performance

Lastly, sleep helps you function throughout the day and increases your productivity. After losing sleep for several nights, even a loss of just 1-2 hours a night can alter your ability to function. A common issue with lack of sleep is microsleep, which refers to brief moments of sleep that occur when you’re normally awake. For example, you may drive to work and not remember part of your trip. Issues like microsleep can put you at risk for accidents and other problems that may affect your day-to-day life.

So how much sleep do you really need? It is said that adults require 7-8 hours a day and this does not include naps. Naps provide a short-term boost in alertness and performance but they don’t replace a full night sleep. Therefore they don’t really help make up for lost sleep. And for those of you that sleep more on your days off to catch up, although this may make you feel better, it’ll just upset your body’s natural sleep-wake rhythm.

Sleep is critical in order for you to be successful and healthy, and what good are a few extra hours of work or play if you aren’t really able to give it your everything? Do yourself a favour, get yourself some much needed sleep and stick to a regular schedule!

About the Author

Lauren Marinigh is a Toronto-based online marketing and content development professional, who is completely addicted to traveling, puppies, and GIFs.

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You Can Start One of These Fun Businesses for Less Than $500

You Can Start One of These Fun Businesses for Less Than $500


You probably read the title of this article, and rolled your eyes because it can’t possibly be possible to start a business for under $500, but I’m here to prove you wrong.

Starting a business doesn’t always need to involve you seeking out financial assistance, investors, and draining your personal savings.

Here are eight businesses you can start with a minimal amount of money in the bank. 

1. Freelance business services

With 34% of the workforce in the United States consisting of freelancers, we’ve already seen a steady increase in self-employed individuals taking their skills and experience to start freelance service businesses. The cost to start up a freelance business can be minimal, a good website that advertises your services can be all you need since you have the ability to work from anywhere. 

2. Tutoring

Using your experience and knowledge you have gained throughout years of school, teaching other kids and students can be a cost efficient business option. Likely you can tutor students in their own homes or a local library, and they’ll already have their own school supplies and textbooks. 

3. Photography

Many people are already taking photos, so why not hone in on your skills, build a portfolio and offer your professional photography services to other people. Even if you don’t have the money to buy all the photography equipment you need, many camera shops provide rentals.

4. Nanny services 

Love kids? How about turning that passion into a business by becoming a nanny. Use all that babysitting experience you received growing up and turn it into a career. The best part? The cost to become a nanny to children can be as minimal as just advertising your services. 

5. Dog walking

Who doesn’t love furry friends? To be a dog walker, you don’t need much other than a pair of good walking shoes and a love for dogs. Advertise your services to friends or family that have pets, and begin to ask around to people in your neighbourhood that have busy lifestyles and may benefit from your services.

6. Housecleaning

Unless the cleaning supplies come with the house, all you’ll really need to start your own housecleaning business is some supplies and a house or two to clean. Target your services to busy families, or even small businesses that may need help keeping up with their cleaning each day. 

7. Professional training

A great option if you have experience or an educational background in a particular field that others may be interested in learning more about. Offer to come into businesses to teach and train staff. For example, if you have a background in marketing, maybe you’ll offer your services to small businesses to help improve employees marketing skillset.  

8. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant usually provides administrative support to other businesses or people through a remote office. This means that you can work anywhere from your bed to a beach in Bali. So many professionals and businesses just don’t have time for those mundane tasks that still need to be done, so offering them the relief can be just what they’re looking for.

When many people think of starting a business, they think of the mountains of money it’s going to take in order to make it happen, but the truth is, there are options out there that won’t drain your personal savings. The best part is, all of these above businesses can be great side hustles too for those with full-time careers looking for an extra income, or to try out something new.   

About the Author

Lauren Marinigh is a Toronto-based online marketing and content development professional, who is completely addicted to traveling, puppies, and GIFs.

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7 Reasons Your Business Should Be on Instagram

7 Reasons Your Business Should Be on Instagram

With over 500 million users, and 70 million photos per day being shared, there’s no question on whether or not Instagram is here to stay. And with Instagram just recently launching a self-serve advertising platform, there are even more possibilities for you and your business.  

1. People spend a lot of time on Instagram

In fact, next to Facebook, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks for time spent on the platform. Which means that you have more time and a better chance of getting yourself in front of your audience. Now is that something you just ignore?

2. Instagram drives sales 

Instagram has a higher conversion rate for sales then platforms like Polyvore and Pinterest. Visitors often go on to purchase items after visiting Instagram accounts and on average spend $65.00. Since Instagram is such a visual platform, it cuts through the clutter and lets your products speak for themselves.

3. Visual content dominates

Social media users want visual content. How many times have you scrolled past a million posts on your feeds and stopped at a photo or video? Visual content is said to be one of the most important components when it comes to marketing for business and optimizing their social media presence.

4. The audience on Instagram is always engaged

Although Facebook is still the most popular social media platform, Instagram followers are more likely to engage and share content. Top brands are seeing a 4.21% engagement rate on the platform, which has coined it to be the king of engagement in terms of social media.

5. It allows you to be creative

Instagram has endless possibilities for creativity. It allows you to tell stories, get creative, and create a visual identity for your brand in a more real-time, fun way. Run contests, engage with your fans, and be consistent. Instagram is a fun platform, so don’t be afraid to experiment, and show your brands personality.

6. You can leverage user-generated content

Especially if you are selling a product, your customers can be your key to success on Instagram. Encourage them to share their photos of your product, or seek out those that already are, and repurpose that content. Customers love to see brands interact and acknowledge them, so this is a win-win for the both of you. 

7. Take customers behind-the-scenes

Instagram allows you to get creative with bringing your customers to a side of your brand that they may never see. Give them sneak peeks of new products or menu items; show them what it’s like to work at your company, or what goes into making their favourite products. Even if you are sitting in an office or warehouse all day, there is still tons of content you can create; you just need to be creative.

So with millions of users, millions of photos being shared each day, and the highest engagement of any other platform, do you need any more reasons to get yourself and your business on this platform? I don’t think so.

About the Author

Lauren Marinigh is a Toronto-based online marketing and content development professional, who is completely addicted to traveling, puppies, and GIFs.

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