The 5 Best Places in the World to Start a Business

The 5 Best Places in the World to Start a Business

When many people think of start-up hubs, their mind automatically drifts to tech hubs like Silicon Valley or concrete jungles like New York City, but some of the best places in the world to start a business don’t even reside in North America. Here are some of the unexpected bests and a bit about what makes them so great.

Cairo, Egypt

With almost half of the population in Egypt being under the age of 30, the country is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial hubs. To top it off, the country has a mass of educated young grads that are flocking to entrepreneurship as a career option. Despite funding for start-ups being difficult to come by, crowdfunding campaigns and accelerators are on the up rise. To top it off, there is a large pool of talented techies, and hungry entrepreneurs.

Bangalore, India

Entrepreneurship is booming in Indian cities, and the increasing number of engineers graduating per year means the start-up scene in the engineering and tech space shows huge potential. In fact, Bangalore was a tech capital even long before most web-based and tech companies with the first Institute of Science being set up in 1909. There are almost a dozen start-up events happening each week in Bangalore and there are several great support networks for entrepreneurs.

London, England

Known as Europe’s best start-up city, and a likely city for North American cities to burst into, London has a similar support system to Silicon Valley with tremendous talent that believe in peer mentoring. London also has a few other things working in their favour like having the largest concentration of higher education, a bustling tourism industry, and it’s a multi-cultural hub. Bonus! The city has no shortage of angel investors, and is one of the financial centres of the world, which really makes it the land of opportunity. 

Sydney, Australia

Both Sydney and Melbourne are great start-up hubs in Australia, but to narrow down on just one, Sydney is home to accelerators and incubators that have assisted tremendously in the large increase in entrepreneurship in the city. Although international growth with start-ups in Sydney isn’t as popular, and you may not know about the start-up successes from the city while on your couch at home in Canada, the ecosystem is growing and maturing tremendously.

Tel Aviv, Israel

With easy access to angel investors, venture capital firms, mentors and top talent, Tel Aviv has positioned itself as being a renowned city for entrepreneurs. In particular, tech talent is huge and has adopted an open door policy for knowledge sharing and mentorship. Because of this, the community has really built a small town vibe where everyone knows everyone else, making it a city that relies and looks up to one another. 

Entrepreneurship flourishes in all corners of the world and in many different ways, from tech start-ups, to a mom and pop shop. These are just five of the cities who have welcomed entrepreneurship with open arms, but opportunities lie in many places beyond these too!

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Lauren Marinigh is a Toronto-based online marketing and content development professional, who is completely addicted to traveling, puppies, and GIFs.

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