What’s Killing Your Productivity?

What’s Killing Your Productivity?

We are all known for losing productivity. For some of us it happens at certain times of the day or week, for others it happens unexpectedly, but usually when we can’t afford it. We can blame the loss of our productivity on certain things that come up in our lives or day-to-day, but in reality, so much of our productivity is lost on daily habits and things we do and don’t even realize it. Here are just some of those things you should reevaluate to help boost your productivity.  

Social media

Globally, people spend on average 118 minutes a day on social media alone. This doesn’t even account for all the time you spend surfing the Internet or consuming other forms of media. That’s over two hours of your day that you could be using to do other, more important things then creep the latest celebrity dog on Instagram or catch up on what Kanye is tweeting about today.

Your phone

Approximately 3.9 years of your life are spent on your phone, which equals 23 days a year and 90 minutes a day. We live in a society that depends on their phones for work, and staying connected with our loved ones, however, we all are guilty for using them more than we actually need them for. Try detoxing. Start turning your phone off when you get home from work, or leaving your phone in a different room or in your purse!

You don’t say “no”

Sometimes the people that have the least amount of time to be productive on the things they should be spending their time on are the people that have a challenge saying “no”. Instead, they say “yes” to every project, person, task, etc. and this can quickly take a toll on your productivity. Saying “yes” all the time will lead you to taking on more work or commitments, leaving you less time for those everyday things in life that need to still get done. Saying “no” isn’t always a bad thing!


Meetings don’t always need to be meetings, and many people don’t fully understand that. Many offices are guilty for making meetings for everything. That includes things that can be solved or talked about via email, and also involves inviting people to meetings that don’t need to be there. Start being more particular about the meeting requests you get. Take a look at the subject of it and see if it’s something you need to be there for, or see if it even needs to happen at all. Spending less time in meetings will give you the opportunity to spend more time on actual work and tasks.

You don’t trust your team

You have a team at work for a reason, and it’s time that you trust them to do what they are supposed to be doing. Some people often lose time to work on what they should be focusing on because they are spending too much time micro-managing their team. If you don’t trust the people that work with or for you, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your team. By trusting your team, you’ll be able to worry less about them and worry more about what you should be focused on.

Productivity isn’t rocket science. Everyone has things in their life like the above that they can alter to help improve their productivity and make more time for the things that are important!


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