Market Your Online Store with Shopify Apps

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Harnessing the power of online marketing is one of the best things a store owner can do. Being able to easily advertise to millions of people around the world can be all it takes to push your sales over the edge. The Shopify App Store provides everything you need to not only create advertising campaigns, but also the tools to place, manage, and track the effectiveness of your advertising.

Price per click, or PPC, is a popular method of buying and selling advertising on the internet. With this model, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, indicating that they are interested in your products. Apps like Lexity and WordWatch help you track keywords – the words that trigger a service like Google AdWords to place your ad – and optimize your campaign automatically and on-the-fly to fit your budget. Goals such as higher conversions and smaller prices per click are taken in to account in an effort to wring better performance from your budget.

Advertising on Amazon is another great option. Many people use Amazon as their go-to site when they need to buy something. If you don't sell on Amazon, placing ads there will bring attention to your products from a great market. Amazon Product Ads makes it easy to bring tons of quality traffic to your Shopify store from the millions of Amazon shoppers. The best part? Only pay when a customer clicks your ad. This way, you're only paying when somebody shows interest in your store.

What if text ads aren't quite what you're looking for? Rich media ads might give your campaign a bit more kick. Canned Banners gives you a simple environment to aid you in the creation of rich Flash advertisements. No design experience is required, and the visually striking ads created give your future customers a better idea of what your store is all about in ways that text advertisements just can't.

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