Upgrading to the Future of Ecommerce Just Got a Lot Easier

Upgrading to the Future of Ecommerce Just Got a Lot Easier

The internet has been the land of opportunity and a disruptor of traditional industries since its inception.

  • Sending “mail’ to each other is now way simpler and way faster.
  • Research has become as simple as typing a question into a box.
  • Watching videos has become so simple that video stores have evaporated into thin air.

Today, the internet influences nearly every part of our daily lives, but nowhere has it been felt as profoundly as in how we buy things.

Merchants Need to Adapt Quickly to Win

For the past 10,000 years commerce has worked in a specific way; Merchants controlled the process. Everything from the products we wanted, where those products were sold, what we could buy, and how and when we received them. We bought what we were sold and lived with it.

Then the internet changed everything.

In the last 10 years, 10,000 years of commerce structure and design has come crashing down. Consumers run the show.

Today we buy virtually anything we want, anywhere we are, and have it delivered to wherever we want it to go. The internet has changed the way we buy products forever.

But even more profound is the impact our mobile phones, the internet, and social media is having on the way merchants sell.

This seismic shift has caught many unaware.

While merchants were busy investing in immense infrastructure, technology and processes, the world around them has materially changed.

Everything in the consumer world has become easier, faster, more aligned, and yet, the way many merchants sell online is years behind.

Put another way, store owners are stuck riding their bikes when they could be piloting rocket-ships.

A Commerce Solution Ready For The Future

This is why we created Shopify Plus.

We wanted to give today's high-growth, high-volume merchants massive power, reliability and flexibility so they can win in the current and future of commerce.

With Shopify Plus, merchants have control over their online experiences without the burdens of high costs, long delivery timelines, or the need for IT resources that are standard requirements for traditional enterprise solutions.

Shopify Plus is built with the latest in technology to ensure we're ready for anything the future throws at us. Shopify Plus is a 100% SaaS based, cloud platform, removing the stress merchants have associated with managing servers and databases. We've built one of the world’s most scalable, reliable selling platforms, allowing our customers to focus on their business instead of their IT. 

With Shopify Plus, merchants get a platform built for the future of commerce with features like:

  • Sell natively on social channels like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter
  • Sell on the best marketplaces like Amazon, Houzz, eBates, etc.
  • iOS & Android SDKs to create unique mobile shopping experiences
  • Mobile responsive & mobile first design
  • Extensive customization of the shopping experience & checkout
  • Robust APIs for integration into existing business tools
  • Native Avalara integration for enterprise tax calculation and reporting
  • Advanced discount engine for custom buying experiences
  • and many more

But we didn’t stop there.

We believe the way large companies have traditionally purchased and maintained their software solutions hasn’t helped them to achieve their goals, so we’ve set out to change that too.

With Shopify Plus, you’ll pay a simple, flat monthly subscription rate. This rate won’t increase based on how much you sell or how much bandwidth you use.

Shopify Plus doesn’t believe in “success taxes,” so we don’t take a percentage of your sales. Our job is to help you achieve your goals, not penalize you for doing so.

That’s it.

No maintenance costs, no set-up fees, no upgrade costs, just a consistent monthly bill you can budget from.

Commerce Should Be Simple. Switching Should Be Simpler 

We aren’t looking to create a better version of what's been done. We are building a new commerce future for high-growth, high-volume merchants.

We are so confident in what Shopify Plus offers large merchants, we want everyone to experience it, and we've made that much easier, starting today.

If you’re currently using Magento (Community or Enterprise) to power your online store, we’ll cover six months of subscription fees and the costs to migrate your customer data. (some conditions apply - see landing page for details. )

Migrating a website as big as ours from Magento was giving me nightmares - but it had to be done. The Shopify Plus team made the whole process simple so we could focus on growth, rather than development issues.
- William Harris, founder of Elumynt.com

And of course we'll set you up for success with one of our amazing Shopify Plus Partners if you need it.


Commerce has evolved.

To win, merchants need to evolve as well. The last decade was dominated by functional, but painful commerce solutions which forced merchants to focus on their IT rather than their customers.

The next decade and beyond will be dominated by merchants who are totally focused on their customer's experience and improving how they meet their customer's needs.

Join us. 

About The Author

Loren Padelford is the General Manager of Shopify Plus. Follow Loren on Twitter.