[Free Webinar] Discussing Design: Improving Team Communication and Collaboration Through Critique

[Free Webinar] Discussing Design: Improving Team Communication and Collaboration Through Critique

Free Webinar: Aaron Irizarry

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Your ability to deliver and receive design critique can directly impact the success of the services, products, and websites you create. Knowing how to discuss design with your teammates, clients, and stakeholders will not only lead to greater collaboration on projects, but it will also ensure that your final product is the best product possible. 

Unfortunately, many designers are unsure of how to run a successful critiquing session or how to use them to gather valuable feedback on their designs.

In this free webinar hosted by Shopify, Director of UX at the NASDAQ Stock Market, Aaron Irizarry, will share practical insights and best practices for incorporating critiques into your design process.

Throughout the webinar, Irizarry will talk about the importance of critiques, and will teach you several facilitation techniques for improving the quality of your feedback sessions.

Additionally by attending this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve your ability to deliver, collect, and receive design critique.
  • Introduce critiquing to team members who may be unfamiliar.
  • Identify feedback challenges in your organization and understand how to overcome them.

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