INFPs as entrepreneurs

Due to their creative and compassionate qualities, INFP entrepreneurs often seek to bring something utterly new and exciting to the world.

INFP entrepreneurs possess extremely good communication skills, particularly when it comes to persuasion. This obviously works wonders when it comes to copywriting and pitching ideas.

The businesses they start will likely be born from their creative powers as they build a brand that connects with their audience on an emotional level that only empathetic entrepreneurs like them can establish.

Although they are introverts, INFPs like to inspire those around them and lead by example. They reinforce that subtle leadership with compassion for others, as well as an attentive ear.

In fact, they have an innate urge to uplift others, and in this sense at least, they dislike differentiating their personal and professional lives. Thus, the idea of giving something of value to the world is dear to their hearts.

However, INFPs can stifle their own progress through the perfectionism that they harbour. They procrastinate on completing projects because they aren’t satisfied with what they’re putting out, which can lead to missing deadlines set by others and unhappy customers.

A way around that problem is for INFPs to employ a close confidant to advise them on the quality of their work from an outsider’s perspective. This should quell the need for countless revisions and delays for the sake of perfection.

INFPs should be aware that there are all kinds of routes leading into entrepreneurship. They might not consider starting a business directly—at least at first—but they’ll find that starting one can be an extension of some other creative endeavor.

“Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

J.K. Rowling, INFP

INFPs’ strengths and weaknesses



They love to brainstorm and execute the ideas they come up with.

Attentive listener

They value the feelings and opinions of their employees and customers.

Determined and Dedicated

They’ll pour their heart into a business they care about in order to build a brand with an emotional attachment to its product or service.



Instead of basing their reactions on logic, they tend to let their emotions get the better of them.

Dislikes criticism

They tend to repel people who criticize them, ignoring any valuable advice that may have been given in the process.


They delay deadlines and over-analyse their work in order to get closer to perfection.

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