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Who are we?

We start all projects by studying the needs of every group of users who will be involved in the experience. Our research methodologies deliver actionable insights based on human behavior that are current and relevant. Those insights help us plan an accurate trajectory for a solution that achieves our clients' business goals and leaves users feeling valued. Placing people at the heart of the process is how we deliver results. The retail industry is undergoing a transformation and digital is at its center. While brick & mortar sales will continue to drive the overwhelming majority of retail sales, these sales will be increasingly empowered through digital-supported experiences that will happen everywhere: in-store, online, mobile, social.

We help retailers optimize customer engagement to win. Engagement is the most powerful KPI in pure-play and omnichannel retailing. To drive it, we reinvent customer experiences - in part by utilizing foundational data (customer, product, price, promotion, etc.) to create valuable experiences for customers and retailers. We talk to the people who matter most and generate insights that help us (and clients) make faster and smarter decisions.

Customers aren't alone in the experience - your employees are there, too. We create compelling relevant products & services by ensuring that the entire customer experience including how employees support it ”is implemented with all user needs at the heart of the process. We don't let technology get in the way of "putting it all together."

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