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Don’t just collect data, act on it.

Customer expectations evolve quicker than ever, and you have to be faster, smarter, and more organized than your competitors. The Emarsys Marketing Cloud absorbs and analyzes big data in real time, keeping you ahead of the market.

At Emarsys, we don’t just provide technology, we provide a knowledge layer; the ‘brain’ that sits within the system, driving predictive, real-time messaging, integrated across the entire marketing stack. We give you the ability to score and predict each customer’s behavior, understanding them better than ever before. We segment and analyze over 1.6 billion contact records, and facilitate the sending of over 10 billion personalized messages, every month. We even provide some best-in-class blueprint templates to get you started.

We planned and built the system ourselves from the ground up, so no more integration issues caused by incompatible systems. And with our 17 offices worldwide, our teams have you covered.

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