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Ecommerce automation to reorder inventory, segment customers, capture payment, and more

Introducing Shopify Flow

Do more, with less

Everyday, groups across your organization are faced with a flood of tasks, processes, and demands. As you grow, the network of systems that meet those demands become increasingly inefficient. Manual repetition and mounting complexity don’t just overwhelm. They devour.

Why? Because people don’t scale… and neither does your time. New hires, piecemeal workarounds, and sacrificing what’s valuable for what’s urgent feel like the only answers. They’re not.

Shopify Flow is a first-of-its-kind ecommerce automation platform that reduces manual tasks and frees your entire organization to focus on what matters. Growing bigger, faster.

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Simplify tasks

Reduce steps, redundancies, and resources

Consolidate front and backend workflows with easy to create “trigger, condition, action” formulas. Move beyond the costly patchwork of apps, third-party add-ons, and manual efforts with a single solution built directly into your commerce platform.

  • Improve customer experience
  • Manage inventory, orders, and products
  • Tag and segment customers
  • Optimize tracking across sales channels

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“Using Flow to automate repetitive tasks opens us up to spend more time on strategic initiatives that grow the business. We’re able to better utilize our team and their skill sets.”

Mehmet DokumcuHead of Ecommerce at Good American
Drive efficiency by automating inventory low to reorder inventory, assess risk level to capture payment, and spent $100 to tag customer as VIP

Drive efficiency

Commerce without all the clicks

By automating universal tasks related to products, orders, and customer management, Flow doesn’t just deliver improved service and operational efficiency, it gives back the very thing you need most: time.

Better yet, Flow’s power isn’t contained within Shopify Plus itself. Instead, it can be used to automate intelligent connections between the enterprise tools your business depends on all without a single line of code.

“Flow is really powerful because it allows me to focus on growing the business I love and doing more of the things that are going to have a long-term impact.”

Nicholas MontgomeryFounder of Shelfies
Shopify Flow preview

Experiment for growth

Evolve your business

Grow your business with the ability to put new campaigns and ideas into action with just a few clicks. Easily unleash a host of triggered actions across the commerce spectrum. Flow’s three-step visual builder means the only limit to automation’s power is a willingness to create.

What are some of the ways Shopify Flow can automate growth?

  • Delight customers

    Tag high-value customers for personalized service and offers

  • Optimize merchandizing

    Standardize products based on title or SKU for effortless organization and discoverability

  • Accelerate operations

    Publish, unpublish, and reorder products based on stock availability

  • Secure revenue

    Automatically flag and halt high-risk orders to save thousands

“The more you automate with tools like Flow, the more money a business can make. Flow has saved hours already in the two weeks we’ve been using it. It’s allowed us to run three Shopify stores without hiring an employee for each one.”

Julio GiannottiWeb Manager at Interline

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